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About us.

Who we are.

Zelah Exports; a trademark arm of Zelah Limited based in Lagos, Nigeria, have worldwide activities in sourcing, storage and transporting of agricultural products. Our success is built upon the knowledge of the market and wonderful relationship with our suppliers and customers.

The major concern of any importer is high quality products in a timely manner, and this is where we have also placed a lot of our attention. 

Our role as exporters of raw agricultural products is to ensure importers get exactly what they want from as close to the sources as possible. That is why in addition to the fact that we source the products we export from as close to the farm as possible.

We ensure products are properly dried, thoroughly cleaned and well packaged. Laboratory analysis can be done (based on request) to ascertain quality through physical and chemical properties.

Our Services.

Personal Shopper

We offer home grocery delivery with the assurances of reasonable pricing that will make you glad you stayed at home. Our groceries are cleaned, washed and ready to cook.

Wholesale Sourcing

Whatever agricultural products found in Nigeria you want, we an source it. We have good relationship with local farmers and wholesale suppliers, providing you excellent quality at competitive prices.

International Delivery

We are located near one of Nigeria’s major airport and sea port. We work closely with major Freight Forwarders thus achieving the best possible rates for all of our shipments, to all destinations.

Need wholesale supply of quality agricultural products?